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Sewage is filled with contaminants, viruses and bacteria that can cause illness. The first floor drain close to the front side of the house is the first location you realize your sewer line is. This can be your cold room floor drain, mechanical or even a shower drain in the basement. If you suspect your plumbing system might be at risk for a sewage backup or you have had problems with this issue in the past, call a professional plumber to check and service your mainline.

In most cases, if there is no landing, walkout, stair or deep window well, you do not need to install a sump pit.

Mostly when the city sewer line is higher than the house main sanitary line.

Depending on the size and depth of the cracks, there are various solutions.

Normally we do not recommend that, but in order to prevent any unexpected issues you need a full air recirculating supply and return system, a sufficient vapour barrier and membrane.